Very Friendly and Great Service!
First of all, Kerry is such a cheerful and friendly person to talk to. She is also willing to answer any questions and gives useful advices for my skin problems with professional attitude. It makes me feel more comfortable to receive her service. Products she recommends are also good. I am really happy to find her.

What A Great Experience!
This was my first facial. As a guy, facials are not something we think about. While on a trip to visit the owner of Artclectic Day Spa, I was introducing to Kerry of Sofia Facials. Kerry made me feel welcome and relaxed as she explained how the facials worked. For the next 45 minutes I got to lay down on a comfortable bed-like table and take a semi-snooze while Kerry applied various potions and lotions to my face and neck. When she was finished my skin looked and felt firmer and younger than I imagined it could be. Kerry also helped me select a few key skin care products to help maintain my new youthful skin until my next visit. What a great experience!

Great Facial Results
I’m a guy and haven’t, in the past, concentrated on my skin much
. I started going to Kerry over a
couple of months ago to start of series of microdermabrasions. Before I st
arted I didn’t think it
would make much of a difference but I figured I would try it out anyway.
I was really amazed
though after the very first treatment! There was such a dramatic overall
improvement. Since then I
have had more than 10 sessions and the results still keep gettin
g better. Also Kerry herself is a great
person and very professional as well. I think that the results w
ere more than worth the cost. I hope
Kerry doesn’t read this though and start charging me more from
now on! (JUST KIDDING).
Outstanding Services
Sofia’s owner, Kerri, is knowledgeable and charming. She provides th
e least painful, most thorough
waxing I have ever experienced. In addition, although she advise
s me of other treatments I might
find helpful, and does them expertly, I am never pressured in an
y way.
I have tried 3 or 4 different places for brazillion bikini wax. Kerry does
an amazing job – relatively
pain free and perfect. Would not go anywhere else! Highly recom
mend her.

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1/21/2011 by aussiernrgrl
Unbeatable Facials!
kerry is a master at her craft! no blemish is too big or small, and sofia
facials offers a great line of
reasonably priced products to help you maintain your younger lookin
g, glowing skin!! don’t miss

Posted on 5/7/2011 by just let me sign in at Citysearch
Girls this is the best place for a perfect brazilian wax experience
! Kerry uses top of the line specialty
waxes and its relatively pain free! I highly recommend giving her a try!
! I wont go anywhere else
plus I’m looking forward to trying more of her many services!

Posted by A in Scottsdale on Citysearch 3/3/2011
Really helped my skin!!
I have suffering from acne my whole life! I have gone other places for facia
ls in the past and it was
ok but no real change in my skin. I started going to see Kerry
at Sofia Facials and Waxing and my
skin is soooo much better now! I was at the hair stylist the oth
er day and the woman cutting my
hair commented on how great my skin looked. For me this is crazy to h
ear because I have had
terrible skin my whole life! I highly recommend Kerry and the Image p
roducts that she sells. I think
that is a big reason as well that my skin has gotten so much bett

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Erika1986 9/18/2010
WOW! Amazing service, Great price!!
I love going to see Kerry at Sofia Facials & Waxing! She is so professional
and she does a
tremendous job! I have tried many others spas and salons for waxing
and facials, and have never
been back to the same person twice, until I found Kerry! The
products she uses are wonderful. The
location is prime, right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. I wou
ld definately recommend booking
an appointment with Kerry!

Posted on Citysearch by tara08 1/11/2009
Facial Spa shop no longer!
I found Kerry by reading these reviews. I was looking for a good eyebrow
waxer and facial provider.
Having visited numerous “name” salons in Scottsdale and Phoenix, fou
nd Kerry provided the best
facial I’d ever had! When she recommended I might benefit from Microde
rmabrasion – I signed up.
I’m half way through my treatments and see definite improvement in
that I have far fewer fine lines
and my skin is firming up and looking fresher. To top it all off, I r
eally enjoy my Wednesday
afternoon treatments as Kerry ends the sessions with a relaxing
massage. In addition, the skin care
products Kerry uses and sells are the best not overly expensive
and I love how the products work
and feel. I highly recommend Kerry at Sofia’s.

Posted on Citysearch by LMcGirr 7/10/2008
I went to Keri the 1st time at the end of Feb and got a facial an
d bought the recommend products. I
thought what the heck, my skin was really bad and needed all t
he help it could get. I had buyer’s
remorse though because as you girls know it’s an investment for
new skincare. After the facial my
skin just got better and better, I have never had a facial that
the results lasted so long. I have kept
using the skincare and my skin looks the best it ever has, I don
‘t have to wear make-up. I just wen
back for microder. with Keri and was again amazed. I had the impression
it should hurt and you
have to hide out for a few days due to the redness. I experie
nced none of that. I just have smooth
soft skin. I can’t believe I hestitated on this, it’s been the
best investment with the facials and
Don’t hestitate to try Keri and Sofia’s, you won’t be disappointed.
I have lived in New York & LA and
she is by far the best!

Posted on Citysearch by beautyhurts 4/28/2008
Incredible Microdermabrasion, facials, waxing services! Awesome aes
Sofia’s is such an amazing place and Kerry, the owner, is truly
well-versed in her trade! I started out
having waxing at the salon, facials and now, have tried microdermabr
asion – wow! Incredible
results! Kerry will never sell you on anything that she doesn’t b
elieve she can deliver. I had years of
sun damage, brown spots, fine lines on my face and Kerry sug
gested microdermabrasion. I was
hesitant to try the procedure because of cost, after effects (w
hich I had heard were possible), etc.
and had entertained other means of resolution, but after one t
reatment of microdermabrasion, I saw
marked improvement in facial sagging, laugh lines, discoloration and qualit
y of my skin. I had no ill-
effects from the treatment. It took years off of my face and was well
worth the money. I have
signed up for five more treatments! Kerry always treats you as a very spe
cial individual – she wants
you to get the best possible results from her treatments and
will go the extra mile to make sure that
whatever service you choose, it is a wonderful experience for you
personally. If you are unsure
about a service or product that she provides, she will sometimes
give you a sample of product, or
fully explain the procedure so that you understand it. I know
of no aesthetician who will invest the
kind of time that Kerry will to get you desired results. She offers se
rvices for both men and women
and my husband has even gone to her for some treatments. She is
trustworthy and discreet with
her clientelle.

Posted on Citysearch by rcproc8 7/27/2007
She did it again!
This time Kerry found me a new serum – The Max! – that is literal
ly a little miracle in a bottle. I saw
results literally overnight! My skin tightened, cleared, pores c
losed, and the brown spots I have –
courtesy of my Phoenix childhood – are finally fading and breaking up! T
his is a miracle because I
have tried so many things and nothing has made a dent until this
product. Along with one of Kerry’s
peels and the polishing I am so excited about the results. And
no surgery!

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teriberm 4/24/2007
Have no fear, get your Brazilian wax done here!
I’ve been getting Brazilian’s for three years, just moved to
the Valley, needed to find a good waxer.
I miss the girl I used to go to in my home state, she was the b
est! My first attempt was at a salon in
Tempe with great prices and a detailed webpage ensuring a good
wax. But the girl who did me
wasn’t very thorough and clearly didn’t want to do more than wh
at she had to, was done in like 10-
15 minutes, and didn’t go back to check for stray hairs! I thought
about going back and asking for
someone different, but then I saw Sofia Facials and Waxing on her
e with good reviews and a 20
percent offer for new clients, and figured I didn’t have much
to lose.
Kerry is so nice and she genuinely cares about doing a good, thoroug
h job and making sure you’re
happy with the results. She asks what you think as she’s
going along, and isn’t done until you say
so. I went to her for the second time today, and got a great wax.
At the end all I had to do was
point it out if I saw a few hairs, and she took care of it and
didn’t mind, didn’t make me feel like I
was insulting her by speaking up. Definitely didn’t feel rushe
If it’s your first time or you’ve been thinking about getting waxed and
are intimidated, Kerry is the
ideal person to go to because of her caring demeanor, and her
prices are pretty standard for
Scottsdale. She’s very flexible and willing to work with you to ea
rn your satisfaction, and I like that
she’s on her own in her own space, it’s very private. No recep
tionist, no other patrons, no one will
know what you’re having done but the two of you. When you cal
l, you will get her personal phone,
and just talk to her about what you want and your concerns.
And anyone else unhappy with your current waxer, give Kerry a try! J
ust tell her exactly what you
want, and you won’t be disappointed.

Posted on Citysearch by tlitlsu26 1/13/2007
An exceptional place for Asian skin
I want to compliment Kerry from Sofia Facial and Waxing on my eyebrow and tummy
waxing. I have
hypersensitive skin and she had a delicate touch and used profes
sional wax. I finally found a place
where I can receive excellent services from!!!!

Posted on Citysearch by akemi808 10/8/2006
Best Brow Wax
I had my eye brow shaped at other salons before, and they alway
s came out of little uneven. I was
thinking that I have really wierd eyebrows until I met Kerry. Kerry did
a great job. I am so happy
that I found her. She also does very good facials. On top of her g
reat skills, she also has a very nice
personality and is very detail oriented.

posted on Citysearch by gyu 4/14/2007