How Skin Ages

I talked briefly in my last email about the effects of aging on the skin. One thing we all have in common is that, as we age, our skin cells degenerate and lose elasticity. But what’s different among us all is how we choose to accept the changes (if we choose to accept them at all!), what we do about the changes, and how our skin responds to the aging process.

There are many ways you can help your skin looks its best as the years march on, so keep the following in mind:

1. Sugar is bad for your skin, too!
We’ve been told to limit the amount of sugar we take into our bodies – but what you may not know is that a high sugar intake can also lead to inflammation of the skin. It’s called the glycation process, and it can result in wrinkling, stiffness, loss of elasticity, and accelerated aging. Skin care specialists are seeing more and more women in their 20s with 40-year-old faces. Yet another reason to put down the sugar spoon!

2. Here comes the sun, do-do-do:
Yes, the evil sun and its evil ultraviolet light. The reason we skin care folk ask you to USE SUNSCREEN (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) is because of what the UV light does to your skin over time. It breaks down fibers in the skin called elastin – and that’s why your skin gets saggy, bruises and tears more easily and takes longer to heal. Though nothing can completely reverse sun damage, your skin can sometimes repair itself. And you can help it along with treatments such as microdermabrasion or peels, which remove dead skin and restore a smooth, youthful glow – or with routine facials that keep your skin hydrated and firm. (source:

3.Dare I say dairy?
You don’t have to be lactose-intolerant for dairy to have a negative effect on you. Dairy is a common allergen that can have a direct effect on your skin. If you have hypersensitivity to the proteins found in cow’s milk, your skin will respond with irritation and inflammation. And if you are prone to eczema or acne, consuming dairy can worsen your condition.

4. It’s easy – don’t stress:
Yes, we know, stress is bad – we’re told that so much we end up stressing out about not stressing out. But you can add bad skin to the list of reasons you should try to limit stress in your life. Stress is the number one cause of acne, and it can cause wrinkles, broken capillaries, and dehydration in your skin. So – practice your inner Namaste – and come to me for a nice relaxing facial! I’d love to help you overcome the signs of aging or any skin concerns you may have. Call or text me at (480) 221-8111 to set up an appointment. You’ll leave refreshed, glowing, and ready to face the world!


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